About Us

We are a team of passionate people all set to make model rocketry affordable and reach out of every student who aspires to reach out to space.​

What is model rocket ?

A model rocket is a small solid fuel (Black Powder/APCP) powered rocket that is designed to reach low altitudes (100 to 500 metres) and can be effectively recovered by a variety of means. It allows young people to safely make flying rocket models without having to construct dangerous motor units or directly handle explosive propellants. Model rocketry has been credited as a significant source for learning especially for school children and enhancing their interest in the field of science and technology.​

Glimpse of Model Rocket

Meet The Team

Dr. Sanjay Singh

Professor - Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
Ex Indian Air Force

Johnathan Doe

Ph.D (Astrophysics)

D Chaitanya Kumar Rao

Assistant Professor at IIT Kanpur

Dr. Vikram Singh

Professor (Mechanical Engineering) at J.C Bose University of Science and Technology, YMCA